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An understanding of the degree to which ecology has the potential to constrain a residential proposal from the outset, will enable the requirement for survey to be evaluated at an early stage.  This in turn leads to lower costs and attainment of construction deadlines.


Where ecological constraints are limited, enhancement work may be required under planning policy.  With a creative approach, such enhancement may be delivered at reduced cost, assisting in securing consent, as well as contributing to increasing biodiversity.


Due to the seasonal lead in time for detailed survey, a site with serious ecological constraints (usually associated with European protected animals or adjacent European sites) requires a well planned approach.  This is especially the case if licences are required from the relevant agencies, with such consents integrated within the development timetable.  The eradication / control of invasive plants, particularly Japanese knotweed, may also require a lengthy lead in time - between 1 and 3 years.


Ecology Network can provide defendable survey data, sound advice and innovative mitigation solutions to assist in gaining support from the LPA, leading to the effective delivery of a project - to time and to budget.


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