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The current state of the economy has made it increasingly challenging to maintain a stable framework for investment and growth.


At the same time, there is growing recognition that undertaking business with a view to environmental safeguard, is no longer a question of just being reactive to regulation.  A responsive approach is demanded in order to effect a sustainable economy and social well-being.


As both public and commercial concerns, there is a need to gear project delivery to respond to these changes, and be proactive if we wish to be environmentally, as well as economically, competitive.


Ecology Network was set up in response to these changes. With over 20 years experience in the private, public and voluntary sectors, Ecology Network offers a full range of ecological services ranging from strategy to survey.  We recognise the pressures faced by business in delivering shareholder expectations.  We also recognise increasing regulatory demands stemming from a strengthening euro-centric politic.


We assist our clients to face these challenges head on.  We deliver a cost-effective service for all sectors, enabling the realisation of corporate vision, while ensuring a proactive outcome in relation to environmental safeguard.


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